How can I pay for my order ?

we except wire transfer and Paypal as payment. Via Paypal we also except all major credit cards.

What is ´my´ price? Can you work me a deal?

Our prices are calculated to a realistic level and you can count on us working hard every single day in order to get you the best possible prices.

However, if you do find a better price elsewhere drop us a quick email to see if we are able to price match.

How will you ship the equipment to me?

If you ordered from Germany, we will usually ship with DHL. For all other countries we ship with Fedex. You can contact us if you prefer to use your own shipping company.

How can I track my order?

Minutes after the goods have left our warehouse you will receive an email informing you about the shipment of your order.

Your order can be shipped in several different ways:
If your order is shipped with DHL

You can track your parcel(s) with the following DHL link:
Enter your 12 digit German (DHL) parcel number starting. You may find in some European countries that a matchcode will be issued upon arrival in the country of destination. This information is also available in the above DHL link.

If your order is shipped with FEDEX
You can track your parcel(s) at with the tracking number shown in your customer login center or your confirmation of shipment.
Please note that your tracking number will not be shown until approximately 24 hours after shipment.
If your order is shipped with a heavy haulage company.
Unfortunately it´s not possible to track your delivery with this method of shipment. The courier company will telephone you to arrange a suitable date and time for delivery. If you have not received a phone call within 10 working days after the date of shipment please contact us and we will help you further.

Can I come and pick up a product which I ordered on the internet?

Of course you can! We are always delighted when internet-customers visit us personally and it gives us a chance to meet face to face. Please select local pickup to inform us that you would like to pick up your stuff personally. We will then let you know when your order is ready. Before heading to us please double check that everything is available.

Please note that if you come from EU-countries you will be required to pay the German VAT rate instead of your local tax.

If you come from outside the EU you will also need to pay the German tax (no tax charged when products are shipped outside EU), but we will credit it back to you once you send us stamped documents proving that the goods left the EU. Please contact us before visiting us as orders above a certain value need to be cleared by customs before they can be taken over the border.

Do I have to pay value-added tax (VAT)?

Deliveries within Germany will be charged at the local German VAT rate.

Deliveries to EU countries will also be charged at the local German VAT rate, except you can provide us your valid EU Tax ID. You can enter the Tax ID on checkout and the German VAT rate will be subtracted from your order. Please make sure to use your company address as billing address.

Payment by bank transfer

If you are paying by bank transfer please note the following:

Your bank may charge you fees for transferring the money internationally, this sometimes means that the amount you actually transfer is not the amount we receive as the banks sometimes deduct their fees from the amount which is to be transferred.

Sometimes we receive payments which are clearly less than the value of the order, we then cannot send it out and have to notify the customer that there is some money missing.

When transferring internationally please ask your bank to explain to you which fees have to be paid for and make sure that there are no hidden charges. Your bank will be happy to help you with this.