Magnum radio hand control

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The Hand Control Unit is like a conductor’s baton
All movements and functions of the column are controlled by the Hand Control Unit. Thereby the 4 programming channels are most significant for creativity.
So for example, the lift range can be restricted with channel 0 (important when using the Duo Jib or Felix Crane in rooms with limited heights).
Studio wheels now with grinded coating.
The durability of the track wheels has been extended thanks to a new rubber compound. The studio wheels have grinded coating and thereby much better operating characteristics.
With channel 1 up to 30 positions can be recorded with a constant set speed between positions.

Highest Quality Functionality

With channel 2 this speed can be completely manually operated and adjusted.
Cannel 3 offers the possibility to record and repeat a sequence of 15 min. of dolly
activities, including pauses, variable speeds and direction changes in realtime.

Drive Ramp Selection

…are the targets we are striving for. During the designing and manufacturing process, we are using the latest CAD and CNC technologies.

Acceleration and deceleration of a movement can be modified on the Magnum Dolly by use of 4 different ramps according to the requirements or set-up.

From ramp 1 (acceleration 100%) for very fast acceleration or deceleration to ramp 4 (acceleration 60%) for absolute precise and smooth movements for example when using the Duo Jib
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